What is a Certified Sleep Consultant?

Welcome moms and dads. Thank you so much for checking out our blog. Every week I will be writing about experiences, tips, answering common questions and even some not so common questions. Today as this is my first blog, I am going to answer one main question I seem to get when I tell someone I am a Certified Sleep Consultant…..

What exactly is a Certified Sleep Consultant?

A Certified Sleep Consultant is someone who most likely has kids of their own, and who has experienced the foggy world of sleep deprivation. Someone who knows the frustration, and anxiety of bedtime. A Certified Sleep Consultant is someone who has taken the courses, and is committed to continuing education in learning the aspect of sleep. Who is passionate and dedicated about helping struggling parents find a solution.

Have you ever heard “back in the day, kids never struggled to fall asleep”.? Or “I just put my kids to bed and let them cry”.? I think people forget. They forget that hearing your baby cry for hours is the worst sound in the world. They also forget that they too laid in bed with us till we fell asleep. They forget we were crawling in bed at all hours of the night with them.
On the other side for the parents that do remember, they wish we were around when they had small children.

Reading so many books, getting advice from friends, trying every homeopathic remedy. It can be very overwhelming. I am here to help, support, and to teach you gentle methods and techniques to help your whole family get the rest they need. This is why I create a completely customized, gentle sleep plan to help teach your little one to sleep through the night. As well as be able to fall asleep independently.

As I watch my children grow, I realize time is too precious. I would rather take the time spent reading endless sleep books, or running around to different health food stores, and put those precious hours towards spending my time with my two beautiful girls and my loving husband.

My goal is to let parents know they are not alone. Help is out there. Literally only a few clicks away. One thing that does remain the same with every family I help, I care about the well being of your precious little ones. I want them to grow to be the best they can be as much as you do!!