Postnatal Yoga

What an honour it is to be a tiny somebody’s everything. 

Postnatal yoga.. a really beautiful way to find connection with baby while taking a moment for some self care. 

Whether your taking a mom and baby yoga class, or a class that works on specific muscles such as core and pelvic floor muscles, I will lead you through a safe and beautiful practice.

With the physical changes from the your pregnancy journey, recovery from birth and labour, or the physical demands of being a new parent, postnatal yoga addresses the physical, emotional, and mental load your new role. But there are so many benefits from attending postnatal yoga classes. Such as..

  •  Strengthening of pelvic floor muscles and core.
  •  Relieves unwanted tension and stiffness in the neck, shoulders and upper   back.
  •  Quietening the mind and renewing energy levels.
  •  A friendly, non-judgmental environment where you can connect with other   moms and babies. 
  •  An amazing bonding experience for mom and baby.

*It is recommended to wait until 8-12 weeks postpartum before beginning or picking up a yoga practice. And of course always listen to the recommendations of your care provider. 


When, Where and How?… Stay tuned for upcoming classes.