Sleep Coaching

Learning more about the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation, and understanding more fully how it can affect a person’s development, mental, and physical state has fueled my passion for helping others by teaching them more about the many aspects of sleep coaching. It is truly a privilege to work with families as they teach their little ones to sleep and it has brought so much fulfillment to my life. More than just good advice, hiring a certified sleep consultant is the best way to learn about the different aspects of sleep, age-appropriate methods and techniques.

Doula Support

I believe that the journey of birth and parenthood is a monumental moment in a parents life that you will never forget. A story you will share time and time again. A story of determination, love and connection. 

As your doula my goal is to help you experience this journey feeling supported and confident. With extensive training and experience, I offer a wide range of support such as comfort measures, education, mindfulness techniques, relaxation, movement and postpartum support. Read more about our doula services here.

Parent & Life Coaching

Do you ever feel defeated or anxious when it comes to parenting or life in general? Between power struggles, behavior traits, development, sibling rivalry, work-home life balance…the list could go on. 

Parent coaches can help with a number of issues. A few services you might find helpful.

  • Behavior traits and how to work with them
  • Tools and skills to create a positive parenting experience
  • Positive parenting practices
  • Developmental activities
  • Stress-related parenting struggle
Riannon Setterfield, Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Doula and Mindful Parenting Coach

A Little About Me

My name is Riannon, I am a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Birth & Postpartum Doula and a Parent Coach. I am the founder of Tranquil Solutions. I live in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island with my family, two beautiful daughters, and my wonderful husband. Along with being a full spectrum doula, I teach prenatal and postnatal yoga classes here in Nanaimo. My passion is connecting with families and guiding them through the crazy journey of parenthood feeling confident and supported. Learn more about why I do what I do and what has led me to this path.

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