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Riannon is what we call our sleep “angel”. She saved our family from a down hill spiral of sleep deprivation and absolute bedtime chaos.

Our story is a bit unique and a lot challenging. But Riannon was up for the challenge and stuck with us until our family’s sleep was back on track. I (the mother) use to do the bedtime routine and nights with our son. I unfortunately suddenly ended up in the hospital on bed rest (out of town) with a high risk pregnancy. I was there to stay until delivery. This lasted 9 weeks, followed by 3 weeks nicu time, before bringing home our tiny, miracle baby. All these events completely backtracked our toddler and put my toddler and husband in survival mode, understandably. We realized all this had traumatized our son and we felt nothing could undo the damage. We had taken him to our family doctor and naturopathic doctor in regards to his sleep regression, with only taking out a few tips but nothing significant. Our son had developed separation anxiety and would only sleep with my husband. He woke with night terrors. And when he wouldn’t fall back to sleep my husband would drive in the night with him. Talk about an extreme case! Once 6 months of me being back home hit, we knew we couldn’t continue living in survival mode.

Riannon swept in to save us and took on this challenge effortlessly and encouragingly. She came to our home during our bedtime routine. She very calmly guided my husband and I threw a set plan that was catered to our children’s specific needs. She was our cheerleader and 24/7 support in this sleep rescue mission. Knowing we have her continued support and guidance gives us the strength we need to preserver in our new sleep plan.

Sleep health is so important. I feel one doesn’t truly see this until you are truly at your wits end with sleep deprivation. Rest assured, whatever your sleep issue is (big or small), Riannon will be your families “sleep angel” too.

Thank you Riannon, for saving our family. In such a high stress situation, you made the process comfortable and put us at ease. We will be forever grateful!

Our 1.5 year old son was waking up every 2-3 hours, which meant that my wife and I were waking up every 2-3 hours. That had to change.

We were hesitant to hire a sleep consultant because we were worried that it’d be too late to sleep train our son with all the bad habits we instilled in him. Not the case. Riannon was great to work with and she was very accessible to us. The best part is that we live in Ontario and she lives in BC, which means she could help out later than usual due to the time difference.
Riannon was very encourage throughout the process and we are glad we that she partnered with us as our son is now sleeping through the night.


Nothing but good things to say!

Riannon was amazing to work with, readily available to ask questions throughout the process. She provided us with many tools to work with our almost 3 year old, and I’m happy to say that 95% of the time we now have a wonderful sleeper….. he is a toddler after all! Many thanks as now we all sleep


This is to thank Riannon for her consultation for Maya_ my 9_month daughter who couldn’t sleep 2 hours straight!

Before hiring Riannon, Maya woke up every 2 hours. My partner and I were doubtful of hiring a sleep consultant, especially because we live in Montreal and Riannon is in BC. But she was always with us and her recommendations worked like charm. This is the best money we ever spent for the whole family. Dear Riannon, we particularly appreciate your support period as it was like having a personal trainer who keeps you on the right track and doesn’t let you make mistakes or falter. She is highly recommend


Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

Riannon came to rescue when our 3.5 month baby stopped napping and started waking up every 1.5 hour at night! She was able to identify the problems that our baby was having falling asleep on her own and came up with gentle solutions to teach her how to sleep. Her constant support, encouragement and feedback were crucial for our success in helping our baby. Now our baby is putting herself to sleep and staying asleep! Best experience I could have asked for!

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