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It’s Not Just You!!!

Is it just me or does every mom have their moments?

This week I wanted to write about something that I think about everyday. Is it just me that sometimes feels like I am behind in literally everything in my life? Laundry, groceries, fitness, social life. Is it just me that runs out of milk and eggs on a Saturday morning?
Or do you feel like your neighbours probably think that all you do is scream? Do you ever realize at 11 am you haven’t eaten yet. I am going to fill you in on something that every mom should hear…..


Every mom I have talked to has been through these moments numerous times. I mean really, how does one manage to have all the laundry done, a hot dinner cooked every night, a fridge filled with groceries? And for some moms throwing a job into the mix is unreal. Let me be the first one to say, I am not perfect. I sometimes hide in the pantry just so I don’t have to share a snack during the day. And I do put a show on for my kids to get some quiet time. I have also napped when my kids have napped, when I should have been doing housework.

And why not? We as moms and dads are constantly busy. Being a parent is a 24 hour job. Sometimes not the glorious job but also the best job in the world. And lets be honest do you think our children mind having a show or movie once and awhile. Or a Lunchable in their lunch. They don’t care if the house is spotless. And they defiantly don’t care if you have make up on or are dressed to impress. They love us no matter what.

Which is why I felt this blog was super important to me to write. There are so many books and articles on how to be this perfect parent. When really a perfect parent to me is being with my children. Taking that 10 minutes that you think you should be switching over the laundry and getting those snuggles in. Or having a game of hide and seek. These are what your children are going to remember. These are the times that we will wish we could get back. Did you know a reason your toddler could be getting up numerous times is because of separation anxiety? Some extra snuggle or hang out time could help your child feel like they have spent some quality time with you. Therefore getting a more sound sleep.

In Conclusion,

In conclusion we are all doing our best to raise these little people into decent, respectable, compassionate individuals. So instead of looking at that mom in the grocery store that is dealing with a tantrum toddler, give her a smile. And instead of looking at a child’s lunch and question their parents choices, maybe it’s grocery day! Let’s help build each other up with support and compassion. In the end, this is the hardest job you’ll ever love!!

P.S. I make fresh muffins every Thursday morning, it may come from a bag but it still counts!!

Have a wonderful week everybody and remember your not alone!