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White noise and sleep sounds are a popular way to help babies and young children sleep. As parents, we treasure our moments of peace and quiet. As a result, we’ll find as many ways as possible to help our children slip off into dreamland. So why are sleep sounds so well loved as a sleep

With the holidays coming fast, sleep schedule disturbances are unavoidable, and it’s easy as a parent to get stressed out as a result. Whether you’re travelling out of town or staying home, there are many ways for the excitement of the season to turn your child’s sleep schedule on its head! Visits with family can

What are sleep props? This is a super common question and a huge factor in sleep training. A sleep association known as a “sleep prop” is something that your child relies on to fall asleep. This can be both for bedtime as well as nap time. Sleep Associations are a totally natural thing. Even as

Preparing For New Baby! Remembering the excitement of telling your little one that they will become a big brother or sister can be such a special time! I remember telling our daughter. I don’t think she even understood what was going on, but seeing how excited she was just, from seeing how excited we were

Welcome moms and dads. Thank you so much for checking out our blog. Every week I will be writing about experiences, tips, answering common questions and even some not so common questions. Today as this is my first blog, I am going to answer one main question I seem to get when I tell someone

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